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当然,凡瑾不仅仅在创业, 而且对刀的鉴定和收藏有一定的了解, 北美科技有幸认识仁兄, 也希望大家能下载他的App来玩玩。


Have you ever wondered whether you really deserve the traffic ticket or tried to fight back for your rights but failed to succeed? “Fycket” brings you an easy ways and approaches to fight back your traffic ticket by contesting it. The application supports contesting both moving and parking ticket. What you need to do is just using the application to snap 3 photos or scan the barcode to upload the ticket.


The application is free and gets you the best adjudicator to contest all your NYC(New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, State Island) parking ticket, and finds you the most reputable lawyer in the court to appeal all the moving violations in NY, NJ, CT, VA, and some other places with no complications involved. The process is really simple and involves just few taps. We are ready when you are, just Submit your ticket without any hesitations within few seconds and hand selected lawyers will take care of further process to make sure that the ticket gets right served.

“Fycket” guarantees 100% refund if the parking ticket is not dismissed or if the moving ticket outside NYC is not dismissed, reduced or deferred. The application is quick in the process and provides lawyers info with real time updates of the status for your tickets submitted. Apart from just submitting the tickets, you get a chance to earn coupons by simply sharing the app.

Fycket has an intuitive user interface which makes it relly snappy for the submission processs. The app collect a flat fee for lawyers and adjudicators and may not include any other extra charges.

Parking Ticket: For a dismissed parking violation ticket, adjudicator takes half of the ticket fine only.(New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, State Island)
Moving Violation: Starting from $99 Dollar, and it will be fully refunded except for NYC.(New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, State Island), if the ticket is not dismissed, deferred, or fine reduced.
Bond: Court requires to post a bond of $40 and schedule a new court date after the first one in NYC.(New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, State Island), and it can be refunded after the case closed with a bond refund form.

*Intuitive user interface
*Submit tickets efficiently
*Supports both parking and moving ticket
*Easy process to add tickets
*Earn coupons by sharing the app
*Contest tickets with hand selected lawyers
*Available in multiple languages

You will have an amazing experience with our “Fycket” app. If you like our services and have a great experience, rate us on play or App store. If you have any suggestions for us to improve or make the app better, please write to us.
Do not forget to share this app among all your friends who are facing issues fighting for the ticket and are looking to contest it.

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